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    I’m @iyaz.

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    Principal Belding always wanted to know, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What is going on here?” Now he, and the rest of us, are about to find out.

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    Wanda can’t quite decide whether to be amused or horrified by her ultra-devout niece, or whether it’s worth trying to pervert the girl, but she has some startling answers to Anna’s questions about her parents. They were Jewish, and they disappeared during the war years, along with some 90 percent of Poland’s Jewish population. (When the Nazis invaded in 1939, Poland had about 3.5 million Jewish citizens. After the Holocaust and the widespread emigration of survivors, that number in the ‘60s was probably less than 100,000.) Anna’s real name is Ida Lebenstern, and if she really wants to know what befell her parents, she and Wanda will have to visit the remote village where she was born.

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    [SOUND] At number 5 is the Apple AirPort Extreme.

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    So what will it take to get some answers? Apparently, a simple compliment will do.

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    That’s why, this month — much to the dismay of Flemington community members — Boggess resolved to hang a sign in his store window encouraging people to observe “White History Month.”

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    Trump also slammed Fiorina’s failed 2010 Senate campaign, in which she lost to Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California by 10 points. “She loses in a landslide. A landslide,” Trump boomed. “And now she says, ‘OK, now I’m going to run for president.’ Give me a break!”

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    I think it??s amazing that we can go to a supermarket or a restaurant and see many forms of wildlife offered to us. We don??t find songbirds or eagles or owls or lions or tigers, but their equivalents from the ocean are certainly there. I think the awareness is beginning to grow that taking things from the sea isn??t harvesting — it??s hunting.
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    Realizing how unconventional that might sound, she quipped, “It says I need therapy, that’s what it says.”

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    The report filed from?Cpl. Louis Hribik reveals that Hribik had visited the deli and decided that the sign wasn’t actually racist or derogatory.

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    Things got a little bit spicy at Victoria Beckham’s birthday celebration over the weekend.

    Rick Perry failed at the border. Now he is critical of me. He needs a new pair of glasses to see the crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

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    And the president of Palau, at Secretary Kerry??s ocean conference in Washington in June, turned heads when he made the announcement of his country??s intent to protect their entire exclusive economic zone: All of the area of the shore out to 200 miles, an area the size of France, where they??re going to exclude commercial fishing. They see the greater value of an intact system versus one that is being exploited. More than 80 percent of the people who go to Palau go there for swimming or snorkeling and diving. The ocean is their revenue source. They grow food, of course, and they rely on the sea for some of their vital food sources. But they??re saying, ??We??re going to keep out the large scale fishing because it??s damaging the systems we actually value intact more than selling off pieces for short term gain.??
    Maybe one of the best defenses against ocean acidification is to have protected areas that have resilience, that have members of the coral community that can tolerate an increased acidity.? If you have a system that??s damaged, that??s not healthy, it??s less able to cope with the stresses that are imposed. And fish are very much a part of that, like birds are to the land: they??re important to a healthy forest or other system. When you take fish away from a coral reef, it damages the coral, the corals die. If you take the corals away, of course, the fish die.? If you rip pieces out, you??re going to have consequences and that??s what we??re seeing. Some have a magnified importance: They??re called keystone species. When they??re depleted or removed, it really has a magnified effect on the system as a whole. It??s perverse that we seem to have a knack for choosing keystone creatures, like krill in Antarctica. What ever provoked us to start traveling thousands of miles to an area where no humans have ever lived to capture the small shrimp upon which the entire ecosystem rests? You can go to almost any market or drugstore today and get krill oil — which may have some beneficial effects to use, but we can get equivalent oil that is every bit as good for us as what they squeeze out of the little krill; we can actually grow the kinds of plants that those krill consume.?Some companies are doing just that. But knowing that there are choices, that??s part of the good news. People know the harm that comes from being a market for creatures that are vital to the integrity of polar systems. They might choose not to take krill oil. They might choose to look for the plant-based sources.

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